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dgn transportD.G.N Transport Dariusz Nowak. We use high-quality tractor units that are comfortable for our drivers to use, ensuring safe and on-time deliveries. We make all shipments using our own fleet or vehicles under long-term agreements with individual subcontractors.

With our ongoing development, continuous improvement and the unfailing modernisation of our processes, we keep our services in line with the changing needs of our customers.

We are growing a strong and reliable business by providing competitive services, and the high quality of these services is ensured by our professional team of forwarders and experienced drivers.

We purchase our equipment only from the best:


dgn transportTo guarantee our comprehensive customer service, we assign specific employees to keep in touch with individual suppliers and customers, thus streamlining the management of shipped goods while building long-standing relations. We remain in contact with all our vehicles by mobile phone (GPS).

By signing long-term contracts with the most reliable carriers providing Europe-wide shipping services, we can ensure professional service combined with on-time delivery.

D.G.N Transport Dariusz Nowak is a freight shipping and forwarding company, providing international and domestic shipping services. We specialise in the carriage of fuels, neutral chemical products and ADR-regulated goods. Our fleet includes:

For more information please contact us by phone at: 606-247-085.

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